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Stories for Halloween

Sugar Kisses for Halloween
Author: Summer Donnelly Wenebojo ID: SLD-QAIR-M001-000
Between struggling with her long-time crush on neighbor Jedi Banks, planning the local Halloween parade, and dealing with her unreasonable fear of cats, Lemon Porter is not having a great October. The entrance of the mischievous ghosts of Blackbeard and her sugar-crazed Nana just may push Lemon over the edge. Note, this is a romance being told ov..
A Pack and The Mongrel
Author: Paul C. Middleton Wenebojo ID: PCM-MOTM-0002-000
Some people just do not fit into convenient little boxes. Thal Jardine, known as the Mongrel, is a mixture of many things. Part Fury and part human a..
Accidental Ambush
Author: Taki Drake Wenebojo ID: TDA-BHBX-A010-000
Tetlock is a well-adapted and loyal member of the vRxa. He studies hard and focuses well on his logic studies and the other things that he needs to le..
Scent of Home
Author: Taki Drake Wenebojo ID: TDA-BHBX-0011-000
A puppy is not old enough to cope with this! Limited in their overall experience, young of any species begin to build a treasure trove of joys and so..
Siege Gates
Author: Ruth LeFevre Wenebojo ID: RLF-DSTR-A011-000
Ever feel the chill in the back of your neck that says someone has you in their sights? Someone who means you harm? Tim West is thrilled to find hims..
Familiar Enemies
Author: Taki Drake Wenebojo ID: TDA-FAMM-A005-000
TT and Jack were haunted. Too many of their friends and allies had failed to escape from the burgeoning Blood Mage force that was destroying their wor..
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