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About Us

It's all about the stories.

We can read a book either in print or digital format, or, more rarely, listen to the audio version. And for most stories, that’s about it.

Sadly, for a growing number, that isn’t enough. How many of us have elderly parents who would happily immerse themselves in a tale but can no longer make out the words?

Or a child who is blind, deaf, or autistic? The language of stories is universal, yet so many of our most vulnerable feel left out and alone, unable to easily access the wonder and magic of a well-told tale.

For the rest of us, how many would love to escape into a magical world, but are held back by the day-to-day needs of an indifferent life?

Do you fit into that category? Does someone you know?

Well, now there’s another option. It makes use of forty years of research combined with the best of technology to make stories accessible to the widest audience possible.

It’s new.

It’s exciting.

It’s changing the face of storytelling forever.

Wenebojo. Storytelling reimagined. And it’s about time!

·        All the text, straight from the book

·        Resizable text

·        Audio version, adjustable volume

·        Imagery designed to enhance the story, but not overwhelm it

·        Filterable content, by far more than just genre

·        American Sign Language translation (planned for phase 2)

Our Story

Conceived by researcher Kat Lind, Wenebojo’s primary purpose is to fill that key gap in the market, to give those with few options access to great stories. To enable families to experience magical tales together, all at once, regardless of what the abilities of those family members are.

But it’s more than that as well. We have not built Wenebojo by chance, with only a simple hope that it would serve our grand purpose. It is backed by research into stories that spans forty years, and a predictive modeling component with which we can tell in advance how effective a story will be.

The result of all this is a product that is more than engaging. Our stories are compelling. Immersive to a level unheard of until now, and there’s nothing quite like it anywhere else.

Think about it like this. How many times, when you’re reading a book, does something cause you to hesitate? How many times does an uncertain mix of words bounce you straight out of the story?

With Wenebojo, you hear the words as you read the text, and there’s an image to back everything up. Or you can watch the pictures while listening to the words. Or, after phase 2, you can flip between text and sign language.

Either way, you have multiple avenues toward understanding. Comprehension goes up. Way up.

So does engagement.

We’ve done significant testing of the concept, and the results are remarkable. Wenebojo does bring stories to life. It gives rise to an immersive experience.

It works for those who have reading difficulties just as well as for those who do not.

The key, of course, is having amazing stories to offer.

Our Authors

That’s where our authors come in. Wenebojo is associated with a talented collective of authors without whom none of this would be possible. Known as the Phoenix Prime writers, every one of them published in their own right. Between them, they’ve won a list of awards that would amaze you, as well as earning multiple best-seller tags on Amazon for their work.

Writing in every genre imaginable, our authors are producing stories at a rate of several hundred thousand words every month. And they are GOOD words.

Most of our authors have been through a grueling boot camp that lasted six months to gain the very best understanding of how to produce great stories. Also, they have all been trained in some very specific techniques that reflect how Wenebojo works.

And then, on top of all that, there’s the extensive quality control. Every single story, whether it’s a five-minute short-short or a full novel broken down into multiple episodes, goes through a rigorous process to ensure that it’s the very best it can be.

That quality blends the efforts of our technology and authors to the others that are integral to Wenebojo. Each of them has an essential role in delivering the immersive, powerful stories that the Storyteller will provide.

So many other people contribute to our stories. Editors, proofreaders, beta readers, sound engineers, vocal artists, scene designers, digital media producers, and administrative staff all have crucial roles but are frequently not mentioned. To us, it is a team effort.

The collaboration of our team, from authors to media producers, is an essential part of Wenebojo. It is the core of our identity, the expression of our commitment to storytelling. This is the power behind every tale that we offer.

Our stories will take you into the world of the author and make you laugh out loud. They’ll make you cry, shiver with fear, cringe, despair, and feel joy so intense it will surprise you. You will travel through a whole range of emotion, and you’ll want to keep coming back for more.

There’s still work to be done.

We’re on the cusp. Our launch is just around the corner, and we’re working hard to put all the pieces in place.

This is your chance to be part of our storytelling revolution. Share this, spread the word, be one of the first to subscribe, and help us change storytelling for the better.

What’s Next?

We’ve been working steadily on this for many months now, and we’re making good progress. We’ve formed partnerships with technical teams to ensure that when we go live, we can do so with the best possible platform to support us.

IBM has joined us and will be providing our platform on the worldwide, highly secure and scalable IBM Cloud. This will let us reach the world and supply a quality streaming experience. And a safe and stable one.

We have also been joined by a well-known University in the US that will be putting their talent and facilities behind this project. Their award-winning directors, designers, and digital media staff are a welcome addition to our efforts.

The production team is busy converting stories as we speak, and the authors are writing up a storm. There’s still much to do.

During this time, we will also be building our catalog of stories as much as we can to ensure you never run out of new tales to enjoy. And we’ll continue with our various marketing activities as well.

Join us, be part of our journey. Our mission, our joy. Blend your stories with ours.

We are Wenebojo