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Frequently Asked Questions

Catch All Place for Help

One of the hardest things to do when navigating help systems is to know where to start. If you already know what category of assistance, you need you can go to that FAQ page, but this general help area is available for both current customers and prospective ones. Learning more about Wenebojo and the bookcasts can be done by skimming and listening to our guides, reading the information pages, or sending a query through the Contact page.

One of the main things that we try to do is to be responsive to requests for assistance. Every single one of the queries from customers is evaluated so that we can build a responsive library of available assistance. Please feel free to drop us a note anytime.

Whether your question is simple, like: 
How do I start a bookcast?

Or a little more involved, such as: What happens if I need to stop where I am in the bookcast for a while?

We will make sure you get an answer.