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FAQ - Pathfinders

Finding the Way Together

Pathfinders receive access to Bookcasts earlier than the general membership. Participants in Pathfinders are encouraged to experience the new releases and to provide feedback. This information will be used to better adjust the bookcasts prior to full release. In order to stay in Pathfinders, participants need to provide at least two sets of feedback in a month.

In addition to the early access, Pathfinders have the ability to submit suggestions to the Phoenix Prime writers. You can submit a character, a plot idea, or something less specific. You can even request more stories in a specific genre. Many Phoenix Prime writers get their inspiration from friends, family, and readers. If you have suggestions for stories, characters, specific genres, or plots that you would like to see in Wenebojo, please feel free to send your ideas or desires to us.

Suggestions will be added to our inspiration list and presented during one of our author brainstorming sessions. If our authors are intrigued by your proposal, any completed works will acknowledge your name or nickname in the dedication.  

This is a way of helping us create stories that you and others wish to read or hear but does not indicate a financial contract or obligation on the part of All Chaos Press, Wenebojo, or any Phoenix Prime author.

If you want to ask for tales from the Storyteller be conscious of one major thing— our authors may take the concept in different directions, which is part of the enjoyment. So be warned! Your idea may produce a story that is NOT what you expect!