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Guide - Create an Account

Creating an Account

Click the Login or Register icon or text at the top of the Wenebojo homepage. The resulting screen gives you the fields that are required to set up an account. Please note that any field that has an asterisk(*) by it is required.

The types of information that is needed relates to your name and email, plus some additional fields that allow us to track if you’re part of a special interest group. This group membership field is called customer affiliation and is only available for entry when you set up the account. A group, the default is nonaffiliated, amusingly called Default.

The next three fields are required and you should enter your first and last names in the appropriate space and either overwrite or accept the default nickname for the account. This first one is set to “main” so that there is always at least one nickname in an account.

One account can have multiple nicknames. The nickname field is used to organize the Wenebojo views into groups that correspond to the person who was watching them.

The next field is a telephone number. This contact information will be used for backup if there is a problem with your account. Wenebojo does not sell its information or use the data for anything but the support of our customers.

The first of the optional fields is one that lets us know how you found Wenebojo. We would appreciate your providing this information, but it is not mandatory.

The next two fields will hold the starting and ending dates of your subscription after you purchase one. There is no need for you to fill these out.

Almost done!

Now just put in your password and type it again for confirmation.

Finally, let us know if you want to get newsletters or not.

Click “Continue” and you are done with Step 1!