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A Bard Raises Her Voice

Convinced that even at their advanced age that it is possible to give to their community, an elderly..

A Man's Got to Do

When a loving wife finds the perfect gift for a husband that loves Louis L'Amour, the couple finds t..

An Odd Costume

Short story about a woman with antennas at a SFF convention...

Frozen Turkey Revenge

Do NOT get a frozen turkey mad at you. It will take revenge...

How to Stuff a Pixie

It's Thanksgiving, and Elizabeth invites the pixies to dinner...

Kitten in Waiting

The ever-cheerful waitress at the Badger Hole Bar grows quiet and depressed. Even though he does not..

Little Joe Otter Gets Even With Buster Bear

Little Joe Otter is angry because Buster Bear is a bully that stole his breakfast. When he decides t..

Pixie Wishes

It's Elizabeth's birthday and the pixies give her a wish...

Price of Service

The price that people pay to serve their fellow countrymen and women is not always evident to the ca..

Red: A Thistle Grove Tale

Snow-White and Red-Rose are two sisters living on the edge of the Woods in the town of Thistle Grove..

Thanksgiving on the Outer Banks

Lemon's search for Nana Porter's cookbook has unexpected results..

The Cranky Rose Bush

What happens when an uptown rose meets a downtown ladybug?..

The Flying Ship

Sibling rivalry and parental favoritism can either hinder or propel people into unexpected situation..

The Quiet Pool

The quiet, shady waystop is far more than any of the passing travelers can imagine. Its serene setti..

Traditions of Childhood New

Traditions of Childhood

Even while struggling with her own adjustments to a new life, Ruth is aware of both her son and gran..