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Author: Summer Donnelly Wenebojo ID: SLD-MAIN-A075-000
Lemon's search for Nana Porter's cookbook has unexpected results..
Author: Summer Donnelly Wenebojo ID: SLD-MAIN-A034-000
What happens when an uptown rose meets a downtown ladybug?..
Author: Paul C. Middleton Wenebojo ID: PCM-PMOX-A001-000
In the universe of the Mongrel, the origin of humans is tied to the Dragonkind. Faint memories of the might Wyrms are carried by tales told by elders, and preserved in fragments of written work. Here is that story...
Author: Calla Adler Wenebojo ID: CAA-RBTM-A003-000
Sibling rivalry and parental favoritism can either hinder or propel people into unexpected situations and growth. This tale of three brothers is a classic example of that everyday life challenge...
Author: Taki Drake Wenebojo ID: TDA-BALC-A001-000
The quiet, shady waystop is far more than any of the passing travelers can imagine. Its serene setting conceals secrets and power to soothe the worthy and punish those that would trample on the safety of the travelers that rest temporarily in its embrace...
Author: Taki Drake Wenebojo ID: TDA-BHBX-A001-000
Desolation and grief can leave you floating, unable to find a new shape to your existence.Who knew that it was possible to be shocked out of the morass of sorrow by a well-timed push?!Madrik was reeling from the loss of his family and unable to find his way into the new reality. Then something h..
Author: Taki Drake Wenebojo ID: TDA-TUFM-A033-000
Even while struggling with her own adjustments to a new life, Ruth is aware of both her son and grandson having their own difficulties. The wistful yearning for a familiar celebration leads Ruth to make one of those promises that parents and grandparents make to their children that backfire on them ..
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