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Listening Audience

Listening Audience

When possible, the audience for which audiocast is designed is indicated by associating the story with its complexity, level of violence, sexual content, and profanity. Wenebojo classifies the stories into groups called Child, YA and Teen, Family, General, and Adult. Every effort is made to keep these categories clear, and if one is classified wrongly, it should be reported using the Contact Us page on the website. 

Stories in the Child category have simpler themes and vocabularies, as well as usually containing a small lesson or takeaway in the plot. These are targeted for children's unsupervised listening and should not contain any realistic level of violence. There are no stories in this group that contain possible triggers for seizure, etc.

The YA and Teen category is for mid-grade children and above. Although many adults enjoy these stories, they are chosen specifically because older children can, and do, encounter and deal with more turmoil and conflict in their daily life. Once again, these stories are designed for independent access.

The Family category is a group of stories that should provide entertainment for a whole family, of any age. Some explanation of the more complex situations may be necessary with small children participating, but the levels of violence, profanity, etc., is little more than the YA and Teen category content.

Any story identified as General may contain violent scenes, occasional profanity, sexual interaction that stops at the bedroom door, and more nuanced plotlines and scenes. However, none of the stories in this category are adult-only. Some of these stories may be labeled with trigger warnings for Epilepsy, PTSD, etc.

Any story that is classified as Adult may contain more heated romance, violent encounters, high suspense, and other situations that require a more mature psyche to enjoy. It is strongly recommended that children avoid these stories. Despite the classification, the stories are focused on the plotline and story, not on gratuitous sexual content.