The letter A marks the start of the English alphabet. The versatile vowel steps in to conquer articles and amazing nouns, moves us with alliterative cadence, and is used as the first letter of the titles for all of the stories in this category. 

Please note that no albatrosses have been harmed in the construction of these tales!

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A Girl and Her Dragon

A young woman and her companion dragon are flying! The training is paying off and their bond is grow..

A Job Done Right

Not all heroes are loud and flashy. When a thief comes to a small western town, justice comes from s..

A Learning Experience

The final graduation exercise for a pair of university students takes a surprising set of turns and ..

A Needed Visit

In the town of Pipers Beach, magic is as much a part of life as breathing. When magic and the love o..

A Thousand Flowers

Retirement was supposed to be something to look forward to, not a state of sadness and boredom. For ..

A Voice in the Shadows

On the Galactic Frontier, you have honor, responsibility, and integrity, or you have nothing. These ..

Adventures in Bobby-Sitting

While their parents go into New York City for dinner and a show, Isabelle Decker and friends babysit..

All Mamas Go To Heaven

Paisley has a dream, finds a kitten, and a clue to where her Mama went. She is determined to ask San..

An Odd Costume New

An Odd Costume

Science fiction conventions are a perfect place for people watching. Sometimes the things that are o..

At the Start of the Day

A glimpse of what morning can bring at the start of the day...

Autumn Dance

From the autumn of its life, a sturdy oak leaf thinks of all that it has experienced. Desperate for ..