The dynamic and daring letter D has an affirmative sound, clearly marking its territory. Able to control tense and time, it is used by many authors to great effect.


Dare to dive into the stories in this category, as they divide and conquer the divergent tales whose titles start with this letter.


Doomed to delve, even during the dinnertime, you can fill your days and dreams with these stories.

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Dancing Bear New

Dancing Bear

Savannah sees herself as a bear and wanders away from the family campsite...

Dancing Playtoy

Evil cat plus sleeping human plus toilet paper equals FUN! At least for the feline!..


A new taxi service has opened in town, inexpensive and very responsive. It is called Destinations an..

Diet of Doom

Some fates are worse than death. At least in the eye of the suffering man or woman on a diet. When..

Digital-Age Drama

Through making a series of Internet faux pas, Zoey musters the courage to call an old crush...


Harlow McCready is confused, disoriented, and wondering "Where am I?"..

Do You Remember Me?

Wistful examination of memory pulls on the heartstrings and reminds us of the importance of the inta..