Relatable and hard-working, the letter R is one of the most heavily used letters in the English language. It's used to establish occupation or action labels, as well as signaling a comparative situation. It is no slouch in the beginning position of a word either, which makes its use in story titles common. Raving and romantic by turns, this versatile letter starts many a tale name.

Romance me with a rhyme and reduce me to rollicking laughter. Stories R Us!

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Randiculous and Speed Dating

When Randiculous' brothers harass him into attending a speed dating event, he finds out what can hap..

Randiculous Close Shave

Some days just start out wrong! A shaving mishap and a unexpected reflection push Rannon into an ear..

Rocks and Puppies

A father tries an innovative way to teach his daughter responsibility and is surprised by her compas..