X is the hermit letter when it comes to starting words. Xenophobic to a fault, this reclusive letter spends hours sitting under the branches of the xyst in his backyard, happily plinking away on his xylophone, and playing his xeroxed music. Sometimes different just to stand out, this strange letter keeps a few Xenopus frogs even though the area that he lives is very xeric. Once every year, he goes out sailing on his xebec, visiting old friends. Luckily, he made a large pile of xu and can afford his lifestyle.

Pennypinching and shy, the letter X starts the fewest number of titles of any of the alphabet. Only rarely will X make an appearance to excite and surprise unsuspecting readers.

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Xila Makes a Friend

Xila is off to Earth to stay with his mother's business partner's family while the two women go off ..