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Ruth LeFevre

Author: Ruth LeFevre Wenebojo ID: RLF-DSTR-A011-000
Ever feel the chill in the back of your neck that says someone has you in their sights? Someone who means you harm? Tim West is thrilled to find himself going to his first professional conference in his subject area, even if it means that he has to go shopping for actual business clothing. The conf..
Author: Ruth LeFevre Wenebojo ID: RLF-DSTR-A007-000
Something strange happened on the way to pick up pizza! When Timothy West decides to take a break from studying for his finals to go out and get some pizza, expected only to be gone for short time. How was he supposed to know that once again the potential disaster in history would be calling his nam..
Author: Ruth LeFevre Wenebojo ID: RLF-DSTR-A020-000
Tim West needs a break after all the busyness that has happened over the last few weeks. Even the positive feelings from how well his last time travel turned out cannot ease the stress-induced nervousness of a college student facing his exams. Deciding to take a quick trip to visit his family, Tim i..
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