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Kris Endicott

Author: Kris Endicott Wenebojo ID: KEA-STDG-0002-000
A young woman and her companion dragon are flying! The training is paying off and their bond is growing. Think of the fun they will have!..
Author: Kris Endicott Wenebojo ID: KEA-FJSW-0003-000
On the Galactic Frontier, you have honor, responsibility, and integrity, or you have nothing. These are the rules Tina lives by. Break one of them at your own peril...
Author: Kris Endicott Wenebojo ID: KEA-ASOL-0002-000
Science fiction conventions are a perfect place for people watching. Sometimes the things that are observed bring surprises!..
Author: Kris Endicott Wenebojo ID: KEA-ASOL-A002-000
Anyone who has ever attended a science fiction convention knows that there always are weird people in costume. After a while, regular attendees tend to become a bit blasé about everything but the most extreme get-ups.In this amusing short story, the main character is initially not impressed with o..
Author: Kris Endicott Wenebojo ID: KEA-MAIN-0006-000
From the autumn of its life, a sturdy oak leaf thinks of all that it has experienced. Desperate for one last adventure, it waits for the touch of wind that will set it free...
Author: Kris Endicott Wenebojo ID: KEA-FDHT-0001-000
Denzel has made enough money that he can check out of the maddening race of life and step back from the fray. His new life includes establishing a restaurant and the crafting of a different cadence of days.Is this going to be enough for this energetic and driven man?..
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