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Traditions of Childhood


Episode NumberShort NamePlaying Time
1Traditions of Childhood - Episode 1 - Childhood Traces12.27
2Traditions of Childhood - Episode 2 - Almost Party Time15.37
3Traditions of Childhood - Episode 3 - On to the Next10.59
4Traditions of Childhood - Episode 4 - Dinner and a Dance10.04
5Traditions of Childhood - Episode 5 - Snapshots of a Night10.19
6Traditions of Childhood - Episode 6 - Musical Treats11.55
Even while struggling with her own adjustments to a new life, Ruth is aware of both her son and grandson having their own difficulties. The wistful yearning for a familiar celebration leads Ruth to make one of those promises that parents and grandparents make to their children that backfire on them spectacularly.What started out as a small promise grows into a huge event, one that will forever change celebration on Arkken.Can anyone predict how the rest of Ruth’s transplanted holidays will go? And even more, is this a trick or treat?
Author NameTaki Drake
Author Profile PageTaki Drake
Universe and Series
Series NameThe Unfettered Mage
Publication Info
Episode Count7
Bookcast Runtime25:16