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Kitchen Helpers


Episode Number Short Name Playing Time
1 Kitchen Helpers - Episode 1 - Take Time to Be Shocked 12.13
2 Kitchen Helpers - Episode 2 - Settling Trouble 11.59
3 Kitchen Helpers - Episode 3 - Exploration 9.23
4 Kitchen Helpers - Episode 4 - Settling In 11.23
5 Kitchen Helpers - Episode 5 - Fussing and Comfort 13.36
6 Kitchen Helpers - Episode 6 - Begging Eyes 11.41
Bolormaa's life has changed, once again. Forced to flee from the home that she had known for most of her life, the elderly Seer found herself living on a different planet, but in a land that reminded every day of the home that she had lost. With her granddaughter now taking steps to establish her own life, what will one woman do to fill her time and her heart? Can she find a place to make a difference without becoming someone unrecognizable? Or will she be forced to sacrifice even more of who she has been?
Author Name Taki Drake
Author Profile Page Taki Drake
Universe and Series
Series Name Standard of Honor
Publication Info
Episode Count 12
Bookcast Runtime 20:30