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Accidental Ambush


Episode Number Short Name Playing Time
1 Chapter 1 – Tetlock 13.38
2 Chapter 2 – Path of Engineering 9.14
3 Chapter 3 – First Assignment 15.53
4 Chapter 4 – Unexpected Encounter 10.22
5 Chapter 5 – Fleeing Disaster 7.34
6 Chapter 6 – Badger Hole Bar 10.00
7 Chapter 7 – Processing 10.06
8 Chapter 8 – Problems and Puzzles 18.29
Tetlock is a well-adapted and loyal member of the vRxa. He studies hard and focuses well on his logic studies and the other things that he needs to learn to contribute to his community. Unfortunately, he is concealing a bad flaw. It is one that would get him killed if anyone learned about it, and the pressure of that risk has formed much of his personality and driven his life in specific directions. When he is finally given his first independent department responsibility, he is thrilled but frightened. This will be the first time he has ever been away from the planet of his birth, so he is shaken by the looming advent of the unknown. The young engineer knows that if he just keeps working on his shortfalls, he will get better. So it was likely that things would have gone as expected except that something happens on the way to his duty station. Something that will forever change the trajectory of his life. Can a young, logic-driven entity ever truly be happy at the Badger Hole, or will his upbringing make him leave? Even with his deep dark secret, will he be able to adapt? Is it possible to find something good that came out of the accidental ambush?
Author Name Taki Drake
Author Profile Page Taki Drake
Universe and Series
Series Name Badger Hole Bar
Publication Info
Episode Count 16
Bookcast Runtime 10:32