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Christmas in Bear Creek


Episode NumberShort NamePlaying Time
1Christmas in Bear Creek - Episode 01 - Arrival13.13
2Christmas in Bear Creek - Episode 02 - Line-up11.53
3Christmas in Bear Creek - Episode 03 - Complications10.36
4Christmas in Bear Creek - Episode 04 - Decisions11.23
5Christmas in Bear Creek - Episode 05 - Christmas Eve8.47
6Christmas in Bear Creek - Episode 06 - Standing Bear7.28
Bear Creek, Wyoming, is an intriguing small town in the historical world of Summer Donnelly. Home to a mixed group of pioneers from the East and members of the Cheyenne Nation, it demonstrates the strength of community and the possible growth that comes from the combined efforts of many.Maggie and Aaron are respected members of the community but suffer from prejudice and racial profiling. Unable to have their own biological children, Magnolia yearns to adopt, but they have found that challenging.It is Christmas Eve, and there is an orphan train coming through from New York City. Maggie is hoping that there is one more miracle on that train. Perhaps, this will be the one that has the child to complete their family!Aaron just wants his wife to be happy and chafes under the lash of guilt for not providing her with the one thing she wants. The choice of children or no children does not matter to him. He would be pleased if they found a baby to adopt because then Maggie would be happy. However, what he was not expecting was for his wife to set her heart on a group of older children.All girls.
Author NameSummer Donnelly
Author Profile PageSummer Donnelly
Universe and Series
Series NameSeven Sisters for Seven Shifters
Publication Info
Episode Count6
Bookcast Runtime03:20