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Captain Bahdu and the Glowing Box


Episode Number Short Name Playing Time
2 Captain Bahdu and the Glowing Box - Episode 2 - In the Tall Grass 9.21
A child’s imagination is powerful. In this charming tale, a young boy amuses himself with his immersion into the persona of a fearless Hunter of monsters and treasure. When he discovers a mysterious glowing box during his visit to the world of his imagination, the Hunter embarks on a wondrous adventure. Confronting fearsome monsters and deeds of bravery and skill, the young boy who becomes Captain Badhu is challenged at every turn. Will Captain Badhu be able to bring his new treasure home? Or will the intimidating monster be triumphant?
Author Name Robin Endicott
Author Profile Page Robin Endicott
Universe and Series
Series Name Meet the Author Series
Publication Info
Episode Count 2
Bookcast Runtime 20:31