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Queen City Bombshell


Episode Number Short Name Playing Time
1 Chapter 1 - Queen of the Bombers 11.17
2 Chapter 2 - Lattes for Two 12.11
3 Chapter 3 – The Woman in the Mirror 9.54
4 Chapter 4 – A Quiet Corner 8.26
5 Chapter 5 - The Dance 10.20
6 Chapter 6 – Brunch 12.25
7 Chapter 7 – New Reveal 14.14
8 Chapter 8 – Five years later 4.23
Brittany Hart had raised her daughter by herself while teaching her child how to be hard-working and responsible. Without a good support system, the woman struggled to make ends meet, first working as a cashier at a local grocery store. Through focus and hard work, she managed to get her education and earned promotions, so things were not quite so hard, but she never was going to be one of the social elites. Understanding how important it was to have something of her own, Brittany had chosen Roller Derby as her sport of choice. It fit her personality to a T, blue-collar, down in the trenches, real living. While seen as admirable in many circles, the perception was far different when her daughter and son of one of the local social movers and shakers got serious. It was time for panic, time for freaking out, but that was until Brittany met Thalia Grace. Now, nothing in Brittany’s world or in the city around her would ever be the same. When head Jammer for the local Roller Derby club meets up with Thalia Grace, magic happens.
Author Name Summer Donnelly
Author Profile Page Summer Donnelly
Universe and Series
Series Name Red Petal Club
Publication Info
Episode Count 8
Bookcast Runtime 23:10