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Siege Gates


Episode Number Short Name Playing Time
1 Chapter 01 – Conference Prep 10.30
2 Chapter 02 – Shopping! 11.59
3 Chapter 03 – Conference Ho! 11.11
4 Chapter 04 – Flight and Lectures 11.16
5 Chapter 05 – Into the Breach 12.01
6 Chapter 06 – Desert Winds 10.11
7 Chapter 07 – Questions and Answers 10.45
8 Chapter 08 – Taking Command 10.02
9 Chapter 09 – Building begins 10.26
10 Chapter 10 – Dreams 10.19
11 Chapter 11 – Dispute 11.32
12 Chapter 12 – Plan Preparation 10.28
13 Chapter 13 – Begin Meetings 10.22
14 Chapter 14 – Into Motion 10.47
15 Chapter 15 – Agreements 10.14
16 Chapter 16 – Walk About 10.29
17 Chapter 17 – Dispute Redux 10.34
18 Chapter 18 - Recovery 10.45
19 Chapter 19 – Climb to Masada 10.12
20 Chapter 20 – Exertions 11.04
21 Chapter 21 – Talk Fast or Die 10.36
22 Chapter 22 – Discussions 10.10
23 Chapter 23 – Decisions 11.18
24 Chapter 24 – Return 10.38
25 Chapter 25 – Puzzling 10.51
26 Chapter 26 – Explanations 11.05
27 Chapter 27 – Unexpected Meeting 10.47
28 Epilogue – Midnight 3.08
Ever feel the chill in the back of your neck that says someone has you in their sights? Someone who means you harm? Tim West is thrilled to find himself going to his first professional conference in his subject area, even if it means that he has to go shopping for actual business clothing. The conference is focused on historical events, so he thinks it should be right up his alley. It certainly will be a break from the intensity of his studies and the exhausting time travel trips. The professor who invited him has two TAs going, and Tim will be sharing a room with one of them. He is on pins and needles because this means he cannot be with Olivia when she presents the project that she has been working on for many months in a prestigious architectural contest. His fiancée has promised to join him if she can and says he has to take this opportunity to meet others in his field and gain exposure to the business and academia that revolves around one of his two main fields of study. Her encouragement and the lure of the conference’s language translation challenge pushes him into deciding, and he heads off for the seminar with a clear conscience. When an impassioned speech to one of the TA’s leads to an invitation to a special meeting, Tim ends up in a confrontation with a very powerful man. The normally nonconfrontational college student is shaken by the encounter and hopes the rest of his stay at the conference will be easier. Before he can relax much, Tim is whisked away to once again don the garb of a Roman Centurion. Pushed into the time of the Roman conquest of Judea, Tim finds himself in a desperate race to do what he can to save at least some of the people trapped in Masada. Can this man from the future provide a way for trapped women and children to escape? Will he come back to the conference and be able to interact professionally? Why does he now feel like an ever-present enemy is at his back just waiting for the time to attack?
Author Name Ruth LeFevre
Author Profile Page Ruth LeFevre
Universe and Series
Series Name Disaster Prone
Publication Info
Episode Count 28
Bookcast Runtime 53:40