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Caged Journal - Week 1


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1Caged Journal - Week 118.48
The pandemic and the need to shelter in place to control the disease's spread have left many people working from home. Amidst the many challenges in a remote workforce are some that are more humorous than others. For one family, adjusting to two professionals trying to conduct their duties in their home was challenging enough without the presence of a large and affectionate dog.In this case, the storyteller is not either of the articulate humans in this comedy but is voiced by the animal who has never been more pleased to have his humans just where he can protect them.Access to his people twenty-four hours a day, check! What more could any canine desire?
Author NameTaki Drake
Author Profile PageTaki Drake
Universe and Series
Series NameLife's Garden
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Episode Count1
Bookcast Runtime18:48
Tags: Humor, Pets