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Wedding Fashion


Episode NumberShort NamePlaying Time
1Wedding Fashion - Episode 01 - Gift of Surprise23.48
2Wedding Fashion - Episode 02 - Beer Time17.50
3Wedding Fashion - Episode 03 - Challenge Accepted23.11
4Wedding Fashion - Episode 04 - Fashion is Power15.28
5Wedding Fashion - Episode 05 - Relax over Drinks12.59
6Wedding Fashion - Episode 06 - Forging the Issue18.26
7Wedding Fashion - Episode 07 - Inspired Creation24.01
8Wedding Fashion - Episode 08 - Gowns and Gorgets20.35
9Wedding Fashion - Episode 09 - Seal of Approval25.20
10Wedding Fashion - Episode 10 - Bridal Designs20.45
11Wedding Fashion - Episode 11 - Reevaluating a Situation21.59
12Wedding Fashion - Episode 12 - Queen for the Day25.16
13Wedding Fashion - Episode 13 - Filling the Holes13.07
14Wedding Fashion - Episode 14 - Contract Start24.40
15Wedding Fashion - Episode 15 - Bridesmaids on Board16.11
16Wedding Fashion - Episode 16 - Game Changes19.27
17Wedding Fashion - Episode 17 - Almost Showtime17.08
18Wedding Fashion - Episode 18 - Rehearsal and Feast25.03
19Wedding Fashion - Episode 19 - One Last Night19.06
20Wedding Fashion - Episode 20 - Brutal Truths19.10
21Wedding Fashion - Episode 21 - Finicky Finery26.39
22Wedding Fashion - Episode 22 - Here Comes the Bride23.40
23Wedding Fashion - Episode 23 - Life Changes16.56
24Wedding Fashion - Episode 24 - Betrayal and Rescue25.08
25Wedding Fashion - Episode 25 - Adjustment and Reset12.17
The Badger Hole Clothier has a new project! The Badger Hole Mercenary Guild is trying to establish its reputation, but that is really difficult when you are starting out as a new organization because it is hard to build a reputation if you do not have one to reference, so people hire you. To get out of this situation, Dov the Guildmaster chooses to accept the difficult bodyguarding task. A long-running feud between two planets looks like it may be healing with the marriage of a Royal son and a daughter that is her father’s air. Unfortunately, factions on both sides would really like to scuttle this because it is in their interest to keep the war going. Unwilling to leave the security for the bride and groom in one planet’s control, the Badger Hole Mercenary Guild is contracted to safeguard the happy couple from the beginning of the pre-wedding festivities through the honeymoon. There are only a few problems.There is hundred page set of limitations on what the bodyguards can and cannot do, and the opposing parties to this union have no restriction on what dirty tricks they can use to push it off track.Obviously, the Guild is going to need help. Who else would they call for help? A specialty weapons maker, perhaps? Or even an accomplished armorer? Not if it is the Badger Hole! Then, they call for the Clothier.
Author NameTaki Drake
Author Profile PageTaki Drake
Universe and Series
Series NameBadger Hole Bar
Publication Info
Episode Count50
Bookcast Runtime56:20