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Island of Misfit Socks


Episode Number Short Name Playing Time
1 Island of Misfit Socks - Episode 01 - Community Center 25.28
2 Island of Misfit Socks - Episode 02 - Sleepover 16.34
3 Island of Misfit Socks - Episode 03 - Socks and Croissants 11.01
4 Island of Misfit Socks - Episode 04 - Work in Progress 9.23
5 Island of Misfit Socks - Episode 05 - Finishing Touches 9.32
It is Christmas time in Apple Blossom, North Carolina, and Annalise and her friends are spending a lot of time catching up with each other during their break time. Happy to be home, even if it is for a visit, the three young women cheerfully volunteer to help with the Community Center’s Christmas parties. Struck by another town resident’s comment about the increasing requests for socks for Christmas, Annalise puts it out on her vlog that they need sock donations. Her quirky presentation and her devoted followers rise to the occasion. The result is even more than she could have dreamed. Will her plea for help continue to bear fruit? Or will it be a limited harvest? At least with something benign like asking for donations for Christmas, the three young women cannot be accused of causing trouble. Or will the contributions that are pouring in make trouble in their own right?
Author Name Summer Donnelly
Author Profile Page Summer Donnelly
Universe and Series
Series Name Edie's Garden
Publication Info
Episode Count 5
Bookcast Runtime 11:58