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Stable Gate


Episode NumberShort NamePlaying Time
1Stable Gates - Episode 01 - End of Semester13.36
2Stable Gates - Episode 02 - Quiet Night on a Hillside8.57
3Stable Gates - Episode 03 - Important Message11.22
4Stable Gates - Episode 04 - The Inn Stable10.58
5Stable Gates - Episode 05 - Back to the Present7.36
Something strange happened on the way to pick up pizza! When Timothy West decides to take a break from studying for his finals to go out and get some pizza, expected only to be gone for short time. How was he supposed to know that once again the potential disaster in history would be calling his name? What mess is he going to have to survive this time? The third book in the Disaster Prone series, this story takes a unique perspective on one of the most pivotal event that is happened in mankind’s history. Come tag along with Tim as he tries to keep this particular disaster from happening twice!
Author NameRuth LeFevre
Author Profile PageRuth LeFevre
Universe and Series
Series NameDisaster Prone
Publication Info
Episode Count5
Bookcast Runtime52:29