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Dragon Gates


Episode NumberShort NamePlaying Time
1Dragon Gates - Episode 01 - New Start12.43
2Dragon Gates - Episode 02 - Paperwork and Mystery12.35
3Dragon Gates - Episode 03 - Welcome Home11.51
4Dragon Gates - Episode 04 - Commitment8.29
5Dragon Gates - Episode 05 - When Am I Now?15.33
6Dragon Gates - Episode 06 - Departure11.32
7Dragon Gates - Episode 07 - Maybe Safety10.43
8Dragon Gates - Episode 08 - Rough Medicine13.03
9Dragon Gates - Episode 09 - Home Again11.47
Timothy West is at it again! This time, Tim is just trying to find a new apartment and establish himself close to campus. When he finds an apartment that fits his budget and distance parameters, including a bonus of intriguing Art Deco designs, he thinks he has found a perfect place for him and his roommate, Seth.His new place has a workout room, swimming area, and other wonderful amenities. Little does he know that this apartment building has a fast track to the costume shop and a time traveling trip to ancient Greece and the Oracle at Delphi.Can Tim help save at least some of the people that will otherwise be put to the sword? Or is the future to cloudy to see, even for the Oracle?
Author NameRuth LeFevre
Author Profile PageRuth LeFevre
Universe and Series
Series NameDisaster Prone
Publication Info
Episode Count9
Bookcast Runtime48:16