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A Pack and The Mongrel


Episode Number Short Name Playing Time
1 Chapter 1 – Conclave 8.13
2 Chapter 2 – Rescue Party 8.52
3 Chapter 3 – Furious Response 10.26
4 Chapter 4 – Fractured Mirror 9.17
5 Chapter 5 – Tread Lightly 8.47
6 Chapter 6 – And Carry a Big Threat 11.41
7 Chapter 7 – Negotiations 9.41
8 Chapter 8 – Justice 11.26
Some people just do not fit into convenient little boxes. Thal Jardine, known as the Mongrel, is a mixture of many things. Part Fury and part human and part Shifter, he inherits the Fury ability to Curse refuses that responsibility and burden. Loving his mother, he equally dislikes his father. At times the despair of his grandmother, he finds himself well advised to take some time out of her vision and on a different continent, so he heads for the Americas. There Thal finds another branch of the family that immediately shows their confusion on who and what he is. Despite that, the Mongrel endeavors to be a good guest and still take the opportunity to broaden his experience and skills. It seems to be going very well until the local Pack decides he is being held under duress by the Fury and launches a rescue attempt. It is then that everyone concerned learns the power of the Mongrel.
Author Name Paul C. Middleton
Author Profile Page Paul C. Middleton
Universe and Series
Series Name Making of the Mongrel
Publication Info
Episode Count 8
Bookcast Runtime 18:23