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Price of Service


Episode NumberShort NamePlaying Time
1Price of Service - Episode 1 - Cruel Notification10.02
2Price of Service - Episode 2 - Research8.26
3Price of Service - Episode 3 - History and Reality11.04
4Price of Service - Episode 4 - Stay Strong11.07
5Price of Service - Episode 5 - Comfort and Succor9.13
6Price of Service - Episode 6 - Possibilities12.29
7Price of Service - Episode 7 - Plans10.40
The price that people pay to serve their fellow countrymen and women is not always evident to the casual observer. That does not make it less real.When Morgan, one of the young men that she met in Afghanistan, is terribly injured, Mary Compton wants to help in any way that she can. When that includes assisting Morgan's estranged father to navigate the local landscape, a spark of hope is kindled in the saddened man and Mary realizes that view of better times is exactly what everyone needs.Even her.
Author NameTaki Drake
Author Profile PageTaki Drake
Universe and Series
Series NameTo Shield and Shelter
Publication Info
Episode Count7
Bookcast Runtime13:01