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Flood Gates


Episode NumberShort NamePlaying Time
1Flood Gates - Episode 01 - Quiet Night and Friends13.51
2Flood Gates - Episode 02 - Beyond the Door14.38
3Flood Gates - Episode 03 - Into the Temple14.03
4Flood Gates - Episode 04 - Back to the Present9.12
Timothy West is tired of being hijacked and sent on time-traveling trips. He likes seeing his history books come to life. Still, his frustration at the random interruptions in his life and his inability to make significant changes in historical disasters are making him more resistant to even the concept.When the costume shop proprietor grabs him and sends him back into time again, Timothy is confused about where and when he has been diverted. When he does understand, being in a legendary land just before disaster strikes becomes extremely exciting and highly fraught with peril.This might be the closest brush with death that Tim has experienced. Whether he survives is in question, and so is his ability to salvage anything from this land that has become a myth to the world today.What can Tim save before the floodgates open?
Author NameRuth LeFevre
Author Profile PageRuth LeFevre
Universe and Series
Series NameDisaster Prone
Publication Info
Episode Count4
Bookcast Runtime51:44