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Solstice Hunt


Episode Number Short Name Playing Time
1 Solstice Hunt - Episode 01 - Over Objections 14.52
2 Solstice Hunt - Episode 02 - Wisdom Exchanged 10.38
3 Solstice Hunt - Episode 03 - Judgement of Others 14.21
4 Solstice Hunt - Episode 04 - Dangerous Currents 26.15
5 Solstice Hunt - Episode 05 - Unexpected Omen 14.14
Even in the world of Suddenly Supernatural, the transition from childhood to the responsibilities of an adult can be complex. As many of the children who suddenly became aware of their possession of magic had found, anytime the powers behind the Veil were involved, life became even more confusing and dangerous. For Zak, a young werewolf that is ready to stand out as an adult, navigating the dangerous waters of the Australian Accords is especially perilous. Convinced that he will become a Lone Wolf, the adulthood hunts with Pack members contain many dangers and opportunities. All he wants to do is move on with his life, but will those that find his choices abhorrent allow him to live?
Author Name Paul C. Middleton
Author Profile Page Paul C. Middleton
Universe and Series
Series Name Meet the Author Series
Publication Info
Episode Count 5
Bookcast Runtime 20:20
Tags: Paranormal