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Gates of Belief


Episode Number Short Name Playing Time
1 Gates of Belief - Episode 01 - Spring Break 11.26
2 Gates of Belief - Episode 02 - Farmhouse 10.45
3 Gates of Belief - Episode 03 - Get Together 11.49
4 Gates of Belief - Episode 04 - Athens 11.17
5 Gates of Belief - Episode 05 - Tyranny of the Majority 9.28
6 Gates of Belief - Episode 06 - Voluntary Punishment 10.51
7 Gates of Belief - Episode 07 - Mother/Son Talk 11.52
8 Gates of Belief - Episode 08 - Explanations 11.36
9 Gates of Belief - Episode 09 - Private Explanation 6.57
Timothy West, the college student whose alter ego is a time-traveling younger Indiana Jones adventurer, is at it again! When the sleazy little costume shop owner sends him off on his latest mission, Tim finds himself in ancient times once more and positioned to be at the death of one of his heroes, a philosopher by the name of Socrates. Overawed by the situation in which he finds himself, Tim fights the temptation to perform an action that would radically alter the timeline. How is he supposed to just sit there idly and let the amazing philosopher die? But does he have the right to save him and alter the entire world that he now knows? This is the thorny problem that is perfect for the method of debate espoused by the very man whose ancient gaze Tim finds so challenging to meet.
Author Name Ruth LeFevre
Author Profile Page Ruth LeFevre
Universe and Series
Series Name Disaster Prone
Publication Info
Episode Count 9
Bookcast Runtime 36:01