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Trench Gates


Episode Number Short Name Playing Time
1 Trench Gates - Episode 01 - Hearth and Home 11.29
2 Trench Gates - Episode 02 - Gobblers and Trains 11.08
3 Trench Gates - Episode 03 - Puppies 10.36
4 Trench Gates - Episode 04 - Selection 11.06
5 Trench Gates - Episode 05 - Puppy Problems 10.46
6 Trench Gates - Episode 06 - New Setting 10.54
7 Trench Gates - Episode 07 - The Front 10.20
8 Trench Gates - Episode 08 - Party Time 8.59
9 Trench Gates - Episode 09 - Epilogue 1.48
Tim West needs a break after all the busyness that has happened over the last few weeks. Even the positive feelings from how well his last time travel turned out cannot ease the stress-induced nervousness of a college student facing his exams. Deciding to take a quick trip to visit his family, Tim is sure that a few days spent in the loving care of his parents and siblings will put him in a much better mood. Catching up with his family’s activities was fun, and Tim heads back for school, burdened with extra turkeys for holiday meals. Who knew that trying to be kind and cook Olivia’s sorority sisters a holiday meal would become another opportunity for time travel? And who knew that the glimpse of the grassroots truce during a desperate battle would be exactly the balm that Tim needed to put his life into a better perspective?
Author Name Ruth LeFevre
Author Profile Page Ruth LeFevre
Universe and Series
Series Name Disaster Prone
Publication Info
Episode Count 9
Bookcast Runtime 27:06