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Scent of Home


Episode Number Short Name Playing Time
1 Chapter 1 – Escape 8.47
2 Chapter 2 – Pursuit 11.04
3 Chapter 3 – The Garden 11.35
4 Chapter 4 – Invasion 11.17
5 Chapter 5 – Aftermath 14.12
6 Chapter 6 – Sanctuary 12.18
7 Chapter 7 – Finding Home 15.03
8 Chapter 8 – Team Building 12.32
A puppy is not old enough to cope with this! Limited in their overall experience, young of any species begin to build a treasure trove of joys and sorrows. Each one of those is carefully collected from the day-to-day experiences that the youngster adds to their life. A puppy’s life is filled with smells and textures. The comforting smell of mother, the softness of a sibling’s fur, all of these are early and long-lasting components to their universe. That domain slowly increases as they learn to see and move but is purposely controlled for slow growth when they are tiny and need protection. For many puppies, this is a time of learning new things one by one. They can decide which ones to treasure and which to avoid. For others, the introduction to strangeness and novelty is more violent. When a tiny puppy’s world is abruptly disrupted by violence, she is thrown out of her prior foundation. Slammed around from extreme to extreme, the puppy has nothing to cling to except herself. Without a consistent caretaker, how will this one canine grow? Will she develop to be a mass of fear and rage, snapping at every turn and startling sound? Or will she become something else? Only time will tell.
Author Name Taki Drake
Author Profile Page Taki Drake
Universe and Series
Series Name Badger Hole Bar
Publication Info
Episode Count 16
Bookcast Runtime 13:36